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Become Irregular Menstruation Causes Can You Go

Now many women are experiencing problems with an irregular menstrual period. This problem of course is devastating for any woman who experienced it. And not infrequently also affects their lives. For a woman under normal circumstances would have menstrual pattern within 28 days, but not always as precise as it all varies between 23 to 35 days. In general, women will menstruate at the same date in the next month. If not, and exceeding the time limit mestruasi past the sign that she is having problems with an irregular mestruasi period.

Irregular menstrual also called anovulation or anovulatory menstrual period, in which indicated that the woman does not grow and can release a mature egg each month on a regular basis. Many things can cause periods become irregular, do you know what is the cause? Immediately, note the following review!

This is the cause of Being Irregular Menstruation Can You Go

Physiological Faktro
In menstrual hormones like estrogen and progesterone have a lot of great role in the menstrual cycle. It is because of these hormones have a significant role in the menstrual cycles in which both beranggung for managing the evolution of the cycle. If these hormones are not balanced in a woman's body will trigger the inability to evolve on a regular basis and make menstruation becomes smooth. To maintain the balance of these hormones can be done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, regular exercise and many others.

Psychological factors
Besides being caused by physiological factors, psychological factors can also affect the menstrual cycle is not smooth. Among experiencing excessive stress, exhaustion and many others. If these factors are not controlled, it can cause the body to become stressed and depressed. In the end, this condition can lead to trouble in ketidakrutinan menstrual cycle. Find the things that you like to do and make a schedule or plan to relieve everyday stress. Rest in work and relax as relaxed-casual without worrying about anything.

Now that the two factors that dominate a woman having menstrual periods are irregular. It can also be affected because there is one disease that is hereditary cysts and problems can affect the menstrual cycle. As a first step to prevent this from happening then you should do first is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But if this does not change then you should immediately consult a doctor to do that can help analyze the causes and provide help that is right for you. The sooner you take action the better the results in dapatka. Because many cases are often consider trivial and consequently it became one of the dangerous diseases that trigger the cyst. Cyst was the cause and fisikologis utamasetelah psychological factors that may affect the menstrual cycle. If there is a cyst has been declared the action to be taken is the way in operation. That is the danger if you do not take action as quickly as possible in dealing with this problem. So and this time hopefully explanation can benefit us all.
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