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The food Pregnant Women to Eat Old

During pregnancy, mas eve pregnancy or who is often called expectant parents should really be noticed and taken care of. This is because in the time period of such pregnancies are very vulnerable. One of them is the formation of an embryo to become a baby completely. Besides pregnancy who are old enough will always crucial because it deals with the smooth process of birth. To support the birth process so smoothly, as with early pregnancy which requires good nutrition as well. To meet the complete nutrition by eating food. In that regard times in the discussion this time we explain about some of the foods that are required in the consumption of older pregnant women, are as follows!

This is food consumption Mandatory in Old Pregnant Women


Condition of pregnancy that is more mature age or older, indicating that the stomach is also getting bigger. At this moment pregnant women will usually experience various problems in the digestive system and metabolism. This is because the pressure of the fetus dar increasingly greater often disrupt the smooth process of digestion of food. So because of that cause problems in fiber intake and cause constipation. If the condition is left alone it will lead to various problems in the health of the fetus. To overcome these problems by eating foods that contain lots of fiber.


By the time a young pregnant papaya is a fruit that is very dangerous for the condition of pregnancy. This is because premature contractions can result in embryos. But unlike the ripe papaya actually very good for consumption by pregnant women to support pregnancy. Papaya will help the mother in some respects. First, the sweet fruit is rich in fiber which can smooth bowel movement. Second, papaya can prevent pregnant mothers older than heartburn condition; a condition where the stomach were burning. Efficacy of three that can be sensed is that many milk shortly after birth.


The food was very good for consumption by pregnant women is spinach. Green vegetables can provide a variety of benefits therein. It also can provide the nutrients needed by pregnant women. Spinach has a wide range of content in it which are high in fiber, vitamin C, folate and iron. The content of the course is very beneficial for the health of the fetus. But if it is bored by eating spinach you can replace it with other greens seemed broccoli, kale and many others.


For the last meal was very good for pregnant women consumed was salmon. Salmon are two sources of nutrients that must be consumed by the mother during pregnancy. Salmon is the most recommended to help the baby's development primarily Pade nervous system. Besides salmon is one of the very many foods containing omega 3. Where the compound can help educate the baby after birth. Besides the baby also kana have healthy eyes and perfect. But there is one thing you should know is not recommended for consumption without boiling.

Thus the explanation of the food must be consumed by pregnant mothers to know about.
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