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Tips whiten teeth with Natural Ingredients

Today many people are experiencing problems with your teeth one of which is experiencing a change in his white teeth. Teeth appear black to make a lot of people do not feel confident with her appearance. Because as we know dental besides being a very important organ for the human body Diman has a function for chewing food, teeth can also radiate beauty and handsomeness someone more if you have teeth that appear white and clean. To have white teeth and clean certainly needed treatment. Unfortunately, today many people who neglect these things and often do things which can trigger yellow teeth. Yellow teeth can be caused by some habits are done by everyone such as smoking, coffee consumption and a lack of oral hygiene such as not brushing your teeth regularly and many others.

Because by having yellow teeth make many people feel insecure and lack confidence, then it is only natural if they do a lot of things that can make the teeth become white again. Actually, to make white teeth is easy ie just by brushing teeth regularly after meals and at bedtime. But if you want to get maximum results, the following will we sajikanulasan on how to whiten teeth with natural ingredients, including the following!

Here Tips whiten teeth with Natural Ingredients

Orange peel
Each person would have been familiar with natural ingredients that this one is an orange peel. Well for those of you who have a hobby of eating citrus fruits, from now when eating citrus fruit skin do not remove. As it turns out the orange peel can be useful to make your teeth appear white. This is because the orange skin, especially inside the white rich in vitamin C which acts to help whiten teeth. The way is easy that is by mengosokkan inside orange peel on your teeth evenly for 30 minutes. For maximum results do regularly every day at least 2 times. Within a week the results can already be seen.

fruit Strawbery
In addition to orange peel are natural ingredients that can help whiten your yellow teeth quickly namely strawberries. This fruit is already very well known for a variety of health benefits, but other than ternyayta also powerful tool to help whiten teeth. Only by eating strawberries regularly every day, it will make your teeth look white and healthy.

baking Soda
Natural ingredients that can further whiten teeth is to use baking soda. Baking soda is believed effective to remove stains contained in the teeth. So that by doing so to make teeth appear whiter. The way is also very easy ie just by rubbing baking soda on teeth after it let stand for 10 minutes just rinse with clean water receipts. But you need to know to use baking soda not too often and use in large quantities. Since this will make the damage to the tooth enamel. So that's why you should use baking soda 1 to 2 times during a month.

Now that's an explanation of the tips bleached teeth with natural ingredients
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